Disruptive design at EADI (Day two)

There was so much happening today at the EADI General Conference that I almost don’t know where to start.

Disruptive design
First of all, I went to visit the IKM-sponsored installation in the main hall of the University of Geneva. This is divided into two parts: firstly there is a series of pyramid shaped pillars with linked video screens, all focusing on knowledge mnagement and IKM’s core message of multiple knowledges. This has been designed and constructed by Ralph Borland, Conor and other colleagues from The Disruptive Design team at GradCam, a research institute in Dublin. It was just fabulous.

In  March in Dublin we held a meeting to discuss what form the design should take – and the complex messages of multiple knowledges that needed to be conveyed – and it is great to see what the team of artisits have constructed. I’m hoping to have some photos of this in the next couple of days which I will post here. The video screens also show links between Google Earth and different development related data sets. And this is a breathtaking way of presenting complex data. It was all very exciting and new.

Knowledge, policy and power
In the afternoon, I went to a meeting of the Knowledge, Policy and Power Working Group because the papers to be presented looked very interesting, and also to look for overlap with the Information Management Working Group. The first presentation was by a group of Malaysian researchers who were looking for support for concepts of sustainable development in poetry of a  minority group of Malay people. This was very interesitng as it reflects on the both idea of indigenous knowledge and translation. I’m looking forward to mentioning this to Wangui wa Goro.

Next, there were two researchers from IDS in the UK who had analysed processes of evidence informed policy related to child development. This was really interesting because their conceptual framework was based on conceptions of connectors and stickiness of ideas which have also been used to inform the communications strategy of IKM Emergent. More about this another time as my Internet connection is about to be unplugged!