Workshop on emerging research paradigms

How do you plan and manage a research programme if you do not know what the outcomes will be? With great difficulty is the answer, particularly in the current climate where predictability is usually expected and measured. Such expectations can impose real constraints on research processes which aim to interact with and encourage the participation of other stakeholders. They can inhibit the identification and pursuit of news ideas which emerge as the research progresses.

These issues were discussed by a group of researchers, research intermediaries and research policy makers at a workshop in Trinity Hall, Cambridge on 17-18 September 2009. The workshop was convened by IKM Emergent, the Information Systems research group of the Judge Business School and by the Bridging the Digital Divide Group, a consortium of UK funded ICT4D projects whose experiences prompted the initial reflection on these issues. Continue reading

A case for Twitter in IKM?

Today in another very rich day of discussions in Cambridge, where all three groups met and lots of really interesting people exchanged ideas, we had a brief session on communication across working groups and the wider circle of people following IKM Emergent.


The Wonderful Innovation To Text Exchange Ripples-of-thought

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