KMIC 1: Webinar on monitoring and evaluation of KM

Last week, I attended my first webinar – a seminar on the web – which was organised by the Knowledge Management Impact Challenge (KMIC) and the Society for International Development (SID) in Washington DC. Louise Daniels, working for the Challenge, posted some information here about the KMIC a few weeks ago.

I’ve never been to a webinar before – or any virtual conference which may seem a bit surprising – so it was a new experience for me. Actually, I was rather sceptical about the form although I had high hopes of the content. But, in reality and for lots of reasons, it was a wonderful experience. Continue reading


ICTD2010 Part 1: Digital stories on IKM

As part of the new IKM installation at the ICTD2010 conference, Michael David has produced three digital stories, based on IKM publications. For me, this was the first time that I had come across digital stories – films with sound and images – that try to explain fairly serious papers in three minutes. Although I have to admit that I’m familiar with the material, the stories really worked for me. Why don’t you listen an see if they work for you?

The first one represents an interview with Hannah Beardon and is based on her IKM Working Paper No 7 Where are the ripples?, written with Kate Newman in 2009:

The next is based on an interview with Julian Jenkins, and is concerned with  the very recent IKM Working Paper No. 10 Things can be better than they:

And, the third and final digital story, is concerned with a paper by Iina Hellsten and myself on Using semantics to reveal knowledge divides in Dutch development cooperation