KMIC 2: Entering the challenge

After the webinar I was inspired to enter the KMIC challenge by adding the story of the IKM Emergent evaluation by Chris Mowles and Anita Gurumurthy to the growing collection of stories. It was the last day for entries – so it was a bit of a rush – but you can read the story Taking a complexity perspective to evaluation here.

To be honest, I don’t care if we win the challenge. Instead, I’m just delighted that the IKM story is there with the others. And have a good look at them – I think there are about 45 entries – because I think you will find them as interesting and fascinating as I do. I’m also really looking forward to the synthesis of the findings.

This has led me to reflect a little on the methodology of the challenge which seems to be an excellent way of collecting stories from those who are undertaking evaluation of a wide variety of KM4D initiatives. I’m also hoping that the people behind the challenge can be encouraged to write up the approach they have used because it is such an inspiring way of facilitating learning across the development sector – such an important thing to do and one which doesn’t happen often because it’s so difficult. I won’t say it’s a best practice, I wouldn’t dare. After all, I’ve just submitted a story influenced by complexity and some proponents of complexity don’t believe that such a thing as best practice is possible at all. But I will say that I think it’s brilliant and something to be adapted and used again by others.

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