Share your story! Participate in the Knowledge Management Impact Challenge to help identify the measures that matter for Knowledge Management

Measuring the impact of knowledge management is a hot topic in international development circles and many of us are trying to find ways to effectively measure and demonstrate the results of our investments in knowledge and learning to understand how these investments help us achieve our development objectives faster, more effectively, more efficiently, and/or with greater impact. We all know that there are no simple answers or one-size-fits-all approaches but there is increasing consensus that we need to work together to address these challenges by asking ourselves difficult questions and exploring the context of emerging solutions.

The Knowledge Management Impact Challenge, sponsored by USAID and conducted in collaboration with KM4Dev, aims to accelerate this discovery process by creating a space where this dialogue can thrive and we can gather and exchange stories and explore different avenues of what works and what doesn’t. Over the coming months we invite you to share how you tackle this challenge, reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the tools used, and compare lessons learned across an international community.

From 1st December until 30 January we will be collecting case stories to capture the diversity of practitioner experience in this area.  To get the Challenge moving we are offering an early entry award, with all case stories submitted by 31st December eligible for a USD $1,000 professional development grant.  In addition at least five case story authors will receive a travel award to share their experience at the upcoming KM Impact Challenge unConference in Washington, DC

We know that this is a busy period for everyone but hopefully it is also a time of reflection, as you write your end of year reports think about the types of data and evidence you would like to have at your fingertips and please share your thoughts on this topic with us.  Case stories collected will be featured on the Challenge web site and reviewed by a diverse Technical Advisory Group to help make sense of what’s happening in practice. Discoveries from the review of case stories and pre-existing literature will feed the peer-learning process both online and at the KM Impact Challenge unConference proposed for March, 2011.  We also invite you to explore our collection of online resources relevant to these questions and would welcome your contributions of relevant documents that you feel are particularly pertinent to these questions.

We invite you to visit the Knowledge Management Impact Challenge site to learn more about how you can participate.  You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter using the #KMImpact tag.  For any questions please feel free to us at  We look forward to hearing from you and will keep the Giraffe informed of our activities as the Challenge moves forward.

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