Hivos Knowledge Programme

hivos-kp2The Hivos Knowledge Programme now has a website. The programme was started in 2007 to address some of the complex challenges facing development: how to understand and innovate support for civil society building, how to promote pluralism in times of growing intolerance? Created on the understanding that the development sector needs new knowledge and, more specifically, appropriate knowledge to tackle specific knowledge gaps, it is based on the process of knowledge integration. Hivos, working with academic partners, is integrating knowledge on issues imperative to the work of civil society and the development sector at large.  It builds, among other things, on Hivos’ extensive work on freedom of expression and ICTs.

Many organisations have been criticised for their internal, inward looking knowledge strategies. Such criticism has come from a wide number of commentators: Kenneth King and Ben Ramalingam to name just two. The Hivos Knowledge Programme is seen by many as an example of good and innovative practice with its external orientation and attention to system-wide issues, not only Hivos’ own knowledge needs.

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