Converting tacit to explicit knowledge and vice-versa

Further to my earlier post on “Information versus Knowledge”, here is my take on the losses when tacit knowledge is converted to explicit knowledge.

Here are ways we build our own tacit knowledge from explicit knowledge that we read.

Corresponding KM tools are in the pink and light blue callouts. Any comments or suggestions for improvement?

2 Responses

  1. nice diagrams. A suggestion for the first one. Rather than having “what I can write” it would be better to say “what I can record / document”. And the focus should not just be on readers… Today, with multimedia techniques at hand, knowledge does not need to be read or written. There are many other tools for communication at hand (photo, video, audio).

    The same of course is true for the second diagram. Actually I really think that KM shod work harder on looking at how way of recordin experience which do not depend on writing can be used…

  2. Hi Silva, good point! I will revise my diagrams accordingly, acknowledge your suggestion and repost it in my blog ( Thank you Silva.

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