Information versus Knowledge

Hi Valerie, welcome to the club!

This is what I use to show the distinction between information and knowledge. I hope this helps.

information versus knowledge

I prefer the above operational definitions of “tacit knowledge” and “explicit knowledge” (I shy away from ontological and epistemological definitions because they tend to be too impractical and often deteriorate into useless debates).

Source: Overview Chapter in “Knowledge Management in Asia: Experiences and Lessons”. Tokyo: Asian Productivity Organization, 2008. The e-book is freely downloadable.

3 Responses

  1. An interesting diagram because it emphasizes the practical base of knowledge, however it is misleading in suggesting that all tacit knowledge can be codified (or maybe that’s just my interpretation ;)). And I don’t think that’s the case – a specific dimension which makes it valuable is lost when codifying it.

  2. Hi Julie, yes I agree.
    How can we modify the diagram to make sure a reader won’t get such mis-interpretation?

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