Managing knowledge

This is my first post – I am trying to follow the various uses of the idea of knowledge on the Giraffe, learning the local language as it were.  So I am asking,  whose knowledge/truth are we managing?  Our own?  A community’s?  A profession’s ?,  An organisation’s?  or emergent ideas that  no-one owns yet?  Or all of them? 

I am having some trouble with information-knowledge. I don’t think they are interchangable.  I like the formulation of a colleague of mine – we have oceans of data, rivers of information,  some pools of knowledge and a very few drops of wisdom.

And a random thought, giraffes use their tongues to hold and touch as we would use a hand -is there some deep meaning here?   Valerie from Australia

One Response

  1. Hi Valerie

    Great to see you posting on The Giraffe. I will also put your name in the left hand column like I have done with the others.

    Best wishes


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