The knowledge bank

At Nijmegen last Friday, where CIDIN was holding its 25th anniversary conference and celebrations, I briefly talked to Ben Fine – a member of staff at SOAS where I studied many years ago. Ben is the author – with a large amount of assistance from Philip Larkin – of a really hilarious poem on social capital. This poem is linked to his serious analysis of social capital as an example of how economics is colonising the social sciences. I came across this poem in 2003 – when working on a paper on social capital with Richard Heeks and Marleen Huysman – and made a blog post  about this poem on my individual blog – now replaced by this joint blog, The Giraffe. You can see the poem at this link and it is brilliant.

Well, during this brief conversation, he mentioned that a past PhD student of his – and now a SOAS member of staff – has been working on the subject of the World bank as the knowledge bank. She’s called Elisa van Waeyenberge and when I googled her just now, one of the first things I found was a paper, presented on 24 April of this year – the date on the text is wrong – called The World Bank as a Knowledge Bank: beyond Deaton. I haven’t yet had the chance to read it – only just came across it this minute – but I’m going to and will summarize it here. Interesting, don’t you think?

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