Collaborative learning: the role of organisational knowledge management strategies

The upcoming issue of Knowledge Management for Development Journal (Volume 4, Issue 2) will focus on organisational knowledge management strategies and their role in facilitating learning among and between Northern and Southern partners. Many development organisations have knowledge management and/or learning strategies but these are often not known outside the organisation itself. Where these strategies have been shared outside the organisation, they have been publicised informally and not widely distributed to a broader public. Learning about how other organisations are undertaking knowledge management is a way to hold up a mirror to our own practice and experience.

This issue of the journal aims to showcase studies of knowledge management for strategies, and how these facilitate and catalyse reciprocal learning among different types of development organisations – NGOs, bilateral and multilateral organisations, community based organisations, etc. – in different locations, both North and South.

We invite studies of individual organisations but also particularly welcome research that compares the knowledge management strategies of a variety of different organisations.

Guest Editors comprise: Ewen Le Borgne, Catherine Vaillancourt-Laflamme and Ivan Kulis, working with Chief Editor, Sarah Cummings.

See call for papers
Submission deadline for title and abstract: 15 September 2008

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