Three new contributors…

Have just added three new contributors to this blog: Joitske Hulsebosch, Sibrenne Wagenaar and Mark Turpin, who are going to be doing one of Working Group 3’s studies on monitoring and evalaution of knowledge strategies. I had thought about making a separate monitoring and evaluation blog for IKM but this is, perhaps, something for the future.

Welcome Mark, Sibrenne and Joitske. Great to have you with us.

For more on evaluation related to IKM Emergent, please see The process diary on Joined up thinking and evaluation.

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  1. Hello! This is Mark Turpin here and I am one of the 3 new participants invited by Sarah. Together with Joitske Hulsebosch and Sibrenne Wagenaar, we will be producing the IKM Working Paper on the monitoring and evaluation of knowledge management approaches. At this stage we have completed much of the reading, and have been organising our thoughts and starting to arrange some interviews.
    I must say that so far it has been a fascinating involvement! We are holding many questions and are much intrigued by many concepts and ideas. For me, interesting questions relate to the differences and similarities between how things are done in civil society, private sector and the public sphere. Also we are doing some thinking on the issue of linear and non-linear approaches. Then also I am intrigued by the possibility that we are making this all too complex!

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