A case for Twitter in IKM?

Today in another very rich day of discussions in Cambridge, where all three groups met and lots of really interesting people exchanged ideas, we had a brief session on communication across working groups and the wider circle of people following IKM Emergent.


The Wonderful Innovation To Text Exchange Ripples-of-thought

I suggested in our little group discussion to go for the simplicity of Twitter to keep each other posted. We didn’t have the time to pick that up but if any of you reading this post is interested in IKM Emergent, check this video and let me know if you find it a good idea to Tweet among ourselves: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYHUOESHpVk

Some reasons to use Twitter?

  • It’s free, it’s quick and it’s simple!!!
  • It’s dead simple to set up
  • It’s dead simple to keep up with it
  • It’s dead simple to tweet
  • It’s dead short (160 characters) so everybody has to be concise
  • It’s a wonderful way to keep in touch with your network in a ‘no-sweat’ way
  • It’s a wonderful way to share ideas, questions, answers quickly and relevantly
  • It’s possible to use it via mobile phone (SMS) so no need for an internet connection (once you’ve set up your login – once and dead simply again)
  • It’s the best way to encourage patterns and ideas to emerge as it favours a quick and short cycle of dissemination – no lengthy reports, no jargony text, just KISS (Keep it simple stupid)
  • With the basis of people at this Cambridge workshop we’re already making Twitter valuable for IKM Emergent communication across groups and beyond.
  • And probably more reasons you’ll find out about.

See it for yourself, play with it and let me know what you think (I got addicted and this has been only a month!).


P.S. So far on Twitter (Twitter ID provided in brackets):

  • Ewen Le Borgne (ewenlb)
  • Simon Hearn (simonhearn)
  • Valerie Brown (valerieabrown)
  • Pete Cranston (petecranston)
  • Peter Ballantyne (peterballantyne)
  • Sarah Cummings (sarahcummings)

4 Responses

  1. I’ve joined in the hope that we can get critical mass for using this as a communication tool within and between the working groups.

    Look forward to seeing how it evolves, or in fact emerges.

  2. Hi guys

    also signed up

    let’s see how this benefits our IKM!


  3. Brilliant!

    Please let me know if you object to your Twitter name appearing in my original item on Twittering in IKM. If so I will remove your name from the list.



    Sorry for the ID opt-out there…

  4. What a great blog.
    Would you mind to give your advice for my blog.
    Thanks before and have a nice day.

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