Day three of the EADI conference

Recognising multiple knowledges
Earlier today was the IKM Emergent session at the EADI General Conference. We had a run through yesterday but today was the big day…

What we were trying to do in this session was to try to present the ideas of IKM Emergent in a different way. It was not necessarily a great slot because it was the third day of the conference, starting early after a lively boat trip the night before, and in a rather obscure room in the basement of the main university building.

As people came into the room, Mike Powell did a small presentation of work – not done by IKM Emergent itself but work that resonates with the programme – to introduce the session. This was followed by a lively introduction by the session’s (and the Programme’s) chair, Cees Hamelink. You can see his interview on Euforic tv here:

Cees then introduced the first speaker, Emeritus Professor, Valerie Brown, who presented some of her work on multiple knowledge with local communities in Australia and further afield.

Next we saw the video prepared by Kingo Mchombu about his planned research in Namibia.

This was then followed by a joint presentation by researchers, Wangui Wa Gora and Martha Chinouya, who described their experience ‘Under the tree of talking…’ in which they emphasized the power of translation. Below Wangui presents her feedback on the session:

After this session, it was time for questions, and the first question was:

Why can’t other presentations with the conference follow this format?

This was such a great comment – we couldn’t have hoped for a better one – as IKM was trying to present its programme in a different way, and this vindicated the way we had chosen to do this.

The auditorium for the presentation was fairly full – certainly given the timing of the  session. One of the encouraging things was that almost all the members of the EADI Information Management Working Group were present. The Information Management Working Group was the original platform for the development of IKM Emergent so it was great to see their continuing interest and enthusiasm.

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