The process diary

Mike and I have started a new blog, called the process diary – a bit of a joke based on the film my daughter likes so much call ‘The princess diaries’ – on which we are planning to post comments about the process of setting up the Research Programme. However, I’m now a bit confused about how to integrate it with this blog as my posting on ‘Are IT managers the enemy’ would have fitted well here…Any suggestions on how to integrate these with the main IKM Emergent website? And how to distinguish process from content?

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  1. Process diary:
    I think that you could keep some of the stuff out so as not to clog the blog with administrative details. But when you want the rest of us to act on something let us know about it. SDI = the old selective dissemination of information?? But if the others want everything i have no problem.

    Communication Initiative
    Hi Simon, yes i saw the webiste has been revamped with smaller letters. I use it a lot for one of my courses called Development Communication? Being older than you, I prefer the bigger and fatter letters of course. However the content seems the same so – may be just a new look without changing the content which has always been good.

  2. Comminication Initiative
    No the website, definately looks more informative, smaller script and poor eyesight not withstanding! k

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