The giraffe kicks!

Welcome to the new blog of IKM Emergent Working Group 3: Management of Knowledge.

Why ‘the giraffe’, you may wonder? Wise and farseeing, it is an elegant, swift animal, capable of outrunning and conquering many of its foes, surviving in harsh circumstances. Its long neck, sharp ears and far-sighted vision contribute to a strong sense of perception to what is going on in its wide surroundings.

Similarly, this working group takes a broad perspective on the role of knowledge specific to the environment in which it is fostered, while maintaining a long-term vision.

On this collaborative blog we aim to keep you updated on the progress, ideas and thoughts we develop in the process of this working group. 

2 Responses

  1. Hi Julie

    This is even more appropriate than we originally thought as Koenig argues that KM has ‘legs’ and, let’s be honest, the presence of legs is something for which a giraffe is also known!
    Best wishes

  2. i love african wildlife and the giraffe is an a mazing creature and even though it may be dangerous people need to understand that killing them off wont help that fact!

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